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Aircork Wine Preserver

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Black Barrel

Air Cork protects your wine from oxidation allowing you to enjoy your wine tonight… and tomorrow. 

Why do I need an Air Cork?

As soon as wine is exposed to air, the wine begins to oxidize, which will continue to change the initial flavors and aromas.

Why it Works

Air Cork is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. It just plain works.

It provides an airtight seal no matter how much wine is left in the bottle. You can see that it’s working from outside of the bottle.

No more of these annoying work-arounds:

  • NO MORE: Pumping to try to create a ‘vacuum’ and losing beautiful aromatics.
  • NO MORE: Gas on or in your wine.
  • NO MORE: Pouring into smaller bottles to try to eliminate excess air.
  • NO MORE: Freezing and thawing wine.

Quick demo of the Air Cork


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